A quick method to learn an uber cool way of communication

The movies Parasite by Bong Joon Ho, Interstellar by Christopher Nolan, Tin Tin by Steven Spielberg, Independence Day by Rolan Emmerich all have something in common.

No, I’m not talking about their success in the box office, nor their super popular directors. I’m talking about the usage of Morse code in all these movies. It played a huge part in the communication that happened in some of the most crucial moments in their story.

Even though 200 years have passed since its invention, it’s still referred to and used…

Make this a habit and see your happiness levels multiply

A couple of years back, I came across the concept of the Gratitude jar from a post by Elizabeth Gilbert, the famous author of Eat Pray Love, Big Magic and a few more fantastic novels. She had mentioned her habit of posting her happiest moments in a jar called the Happiness jar and had described how it made her happy.

I was immediately intrigued and went on to create my own Gratitude jar. At the time of writing this post, I have almost 1000 notes in my Gratitude jar which…

We all should start writing with fountain pens again

Do you remember the first time you came in contact with a fountain pen?

For me, it was when I was in my school. I was in the third standard when my brother who was elder to me by three years went to the sixth standard. He got his first ink pen/fountain pen as instructed by our schools. He was moving away from the humble graphite pencil to a more sophisticated tool for writing. …

Exploring Checkov

In part 1 of this series, we looked into how we can use Terratest for testing our Infrastructure as a code setup. While Terratest can be used as part of our integration testing pipeline to check if the infrastructure stack gets created as we expected it to, we can use checkov for checking if our code is following the compliance and is free from known security issues.

From their docs[1]:

Checkov is a static code analysis tool for infrastructure-as-code.

It scans cloud infrastructure provisioned using Terraform, Terraform plan, Cloudformation, Kubernetes, Dockerfile, Serverless or ARM Templates and detects security…

Exploring Terratest for Terraform

But before we jump, let’s start with a quick introduction on the need for a testing tool/framework for Terraform with a quick blast from the past on how it all started.

Do you remember the time when cloud became a buzzword everywhere and companies started experimenting with it? It felt like we were entering a new era where everything became elastic. We could launch the servers with a small touch of our finger on the mouse and voila, like magic, all the resources we wanted got created. …

A quick introduction to Chaos Engineering

You are working on a very critical release a few days before your much awaited vacation. Surprisingly, everything went according to plan. That junior developer whom you thought would definitely mess up didn’t. You’ve checked everything that could go wrong in your system and you are looking forward to a fun filled trip with your friends and leave early that day.

Just when you are packing, you get a call from your Ops team. You immediately know that there is some issue. You attend the call with a groan and you hear that the team is facing a downtime because…



Very useful representation to understand tools and technologies used in DevOps : https://roadmap.sh/devops

Terminologies that every DevOps professional should be aware:

Curated list of 100-best-devops-stories-of-2019:


Internet and DNS

How does Internet work:


Loading a webpage might take less than a second but these are the steps that happen underneath:

How DNS works:

Really useful article to understand Route 53 better:

Difference between CNAME and Alias record:


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